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A patented line of metal precipitation products that deliver the reducing power of iron and the metals precipitation capacity of sulfide in a safe, insoluble form.Insolmet delivers the metal reduction and precipitation properties of iron and sulfide via micro- and nano- dispersed slurries of iron sulfide, blended with other proprietary ingredients.  Because of their super small size, the iron sulfide particles are able to reduce and react with metals while still remaining in the solid phase.  In most cases, Insolmet eliminates the need for a secondary coagulant and offsite treatment and disposal of hard to treat metal concentrates.

Most efficient Chrome removal on the market.

In processes where primary metals removal is via hydroxide precipitation, cleaners, degreasers, and other organic plating additives can cause difficulties in removing the last 5-15ppm of metals.  The addition of an Insolmet product in a solids recycle loop will polish any chelated or dispersed metals enabling total compliance. 

Think of it as a coagulant that precipitates heavy metals!
Insolmet requires less!

  • Insolmet works at a near neutral pH (4.5 - 6.5).  Treatment scenerios that operate at a 2.0 pH for chrome reduction see acid usage cut by         20 - 40% and caustic usage cut by     40 - 60%.

Insolmet Coagulates!

  • Most of the other metals removal options on the market require the addition of a coagulant to generate an effluent that is in compliance.

Significant Sludge Reductions!

  • Due to salts reductions and the nature of the insolmet precipitant, sludge reductions from 30 - 50 % are achieved, lowering freight and TSD costs.

Supply Chain Efficiency!

  • Insolmet offers the lowest lbs precipitant product required / lb of metal precipitated ratio of the available alternatives reducing overall supply chain costs.
Insolmet as a Coagulant and Metals Scavenger

  • As the Insolmet passes through the flow through system, it acts as a coagulant preventing organics from generating any tough to treat dispersions.  Other proprietary additives can be added to the product as special coagulation needs arise.

Metals Scavenger
  • Because Insolmet is active throughout the entire operational pH range, it is still working as it passes through the flow through system scavenging any trace metals that may remain chelated or dispersed after hydroxide precipitation.

Insolmet is Never in Solution:

Because Insolmet is a slurry of insoluble materials, any excess product leaves in the sludge as safe, non-toxic Iron Sulfide.

Lowest TDS Quantity for Water Reuse:

  • Less acid and caustic
  • No secondary coagulant needed
  • No excess product = less salts in the discharge effluent
Insolmet Hex Chrome Reduction Specifics

  • Insolmet can handle incoming chromic acid concentrations from 0 - 60,000ppm hex chrome
  • Insolmet reduces chrome at a pH of 4.5 - 6.5; Metabisulfite must be below 2.4 to work
  • Insolmet program is controlled via pH and ORP

Discharge Effluent:

Because no excess soluble sulfite salts and much less acid/base neutralization salts present the TDS content of the effluent is very low with the Insolmet process allowing 30 to 90% water recycle return to critical and non-critical rinses.

Insolmet Is Your Lowest Overall Cost Alternative!