Our Industrial Water Treatment Solutions benefit any industry with ionically soluable, chelated, suspended or dispersed, metals, ceramics and other waste constituants.

Industries served:

  • Electroplating, Surface Finishing
  • Circuit Board Manufacturers
  • Metals, Mining, Refining, Smelting
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Power Generation and Incineration
  • Ceramics Manufacturers

Many of these industries have contaminant profiles that vary with varying production specifications and demands.  SWT's analytical, onsite service and manufacturing capability enables us to tailor custom solutions to meet those immediate changing demands.

Industrial Water Treatment & Reclamation
Southern Water Treatment, Inc., manufactures products and application solutions that specialize in the removal of soluable and insoluable metals from Industrial process streams.
Specific Product Lines include:

  • Precipitants/ Reducing Agents
Metal Rec
Metal Rec 500C
  • Defoamers
Foam is an often overlooked problem faced when dealing with
metal separations.  We offer all current market applications for
Better Chemicals.Better Pricing.  Better Technology.
Southern Water Treatment, Inc.
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