We are a direct manufacturer of our chemical technologies.

  • Our patented ISS line of treament Chemicals (Insolmet)
  • SWT Nanoparticulated FeS applied in a packed bed column used for removal of molybdenum, arsenic and mercury from hospitals and drug manufacturing applications
  • Patented Nanoparticulated FeS for Selenium removal
  • Patented Technology for scrubbing NOx/SOx out of vapor streams that drastically reduces operating costs of scrubbers

We develop, manufacture, supply and service our treatment and reclamation programs, enabling us to offer custom solutions, cost effectively, in a timely manner.

Welcome to Southern Water Treatment, Inc.
Southern Water Treatment, Inc. Masters at efficiently manufacturing chemical treatment solutions for more than 25 years!

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Southern Water Treatment, Inc.
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Better Chemicals.  Better Service.  Better Technology.
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